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- Peter Michael Pirro

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ACME Recording Company is a full service, state of the art recording facility. Our newly renovated studio offers a comfortable, well-equipped control room, three isolation booths, and a spacious main recording room. We’ve combined acoustically tuned spaces along with a pristine signal path, a great vibe and experienced staff (not to mention a vast array of vintage microphones and tube equipment) to provide our clients with a great product at a very competitive price.

ACME Recording Company can assist with production, finding appropriate studio musicians or arrangers, mastering, artwork, one-offs and duplication of your finished product.


UPDATED: Monday, February 25, 2013


AudioInFlux blends sounds from Funk, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass to create a mood that keeps everyone smiling and dancing. So when they needed a live recording of their EP release party concert, they came to ACME. ACME was on site to get a multi track, HD recording which the band will be mixing and synching up to video footage for release soon! 

UPDATED: Monday, December 10, 2012

Sisters of Murphy

Taking inspiration from Celtic drinking songs, and their raucous collision with rock and roll, the Sisters of Murphy celebrate a sound born in the pubs of Ireland, New York and London, with a hefty dose of U.S. rust belt rock and a bit of Irish traditional folk blended in. ACME is happy to welcome these guys into the studio as they record their brand new songs with us. 
UPDATED: Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Roc City Pro Jam

The Roc City Pro Jam is a bi weekly event in Rochester in which some of the best players around come to jam. Musicians sign up in advance and take their turn playing improvisational music at a rotating list of venues. ACME is honored to be a part of one of the coolest live music events in Rochester and is happy to provide some of our live recording gear to get multi-track recordings of everything that goes down. 

Greg Wachala Guitar Studio

ACME is proud to partner with The Greg Wachala Guitar Studio  to help teach music to aspiring musicians of all ages and give them the knowledge they need to record all of the music they create. Through our partnership we will be holding classes and workshops for their students to show them what recording in a professional recording studio is all about. With names like Greg Wachala and Chet Catallo involved, this is sure to be a great relationship for both sides. 

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