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At ACME Recording Co. we offer consulting for musicians, students, and music lovers interested in learning the workflow of professional/home musical production. Through this service our clients have access to knowledge of the fundamental components that make up the electro-acoustic chain in a recording system. From there, we can help you come up with a set of tools optimal for attaining excellent quality recordings in your home. In addition, you can purchase equipment through Sound Source, where we offer special discounts on some of our services and personalized support. We hope to become your principal provider of product assistance and services, keeping your priorities and investment abilities in mind.

Installation and System Configuration:

Our services basically consist of the setup, installation, and registration of equipment so that they work correctly and are compatible with one another. We conduct specific pre-installation tests on your computer to determine if the compatibility of the drivers and chipsets is appropriate. We look at your recording set-up and assist in the most useful configurationIns. In short, we take care of the integration of components so you can focus on the creative process.

Personalized Training:

Using the professional equipment at our studio or your current equipment, our experienced staff of engineers will host trainings in topics beginning with basic equipment usage to the mixing of your own songs. We presently train people in the use of Pro Tools® and audio recording at an elementary to intermediate level. These trainings cover topics selected by you and our instructors which are personalized according to your needs

Content may include:
  • Summary of analog audio systems and non-linear editing
  • Introduction to Digital Audio
  • Pro Tools® Systems, Hardware and Software versions
  • Design of Electro-acoustic chains
  • Connections of System, Audio and MIDI
  • In and Out Configurations
  • Recording Techniques
  • Internal Routing
  • Editing Tools
  • Automation
  • MIDI, Recording and Editing
  • Types of Plug-Ins
  • Importation and Exportation of Files
  • Mixes and Bounces
  • Working with Audio for video

Requirements: Basic familiarity with computers

Workshops and Product Presentations:

Through our contact with musicians, editors, and product specialists, we will offer workshops for you to stay informed on the latest tools on the market to constantly better the quality and workmanship of your productions. In offering these sessions, we hope to create a comfortable atmosphere for our clients to meet one another and foster the spreading of their diverse productions. Our goal is to encourage the regional community to raise the standard of music being produced here. For example, a new version of Melodyne® (pitch tuning software) is being released. We would put together a group of interested people to, at the very least, work with one of our engineers who currently uses the software to allow him to explain the changes, their advantages to you, and further some of the things the old and new versions do that you may have been unaware of. Like in the example of Melodyne®, its ability to rhythm-correct as well as pitch correct.

Trouble shooting:

We offer telephone and online support for basic operational questions. If any of your equipment is not working correctly, we will assess it and notify you of the next course of action. If that action is within our areas of expertise we will suggest the next logical steps to get you up and recording again.