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We offer very competitive rates including prepaid discounts. Call us, email us, or just use the 'Ask The Staff' form on this page.

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Industry-standard recording software on a Macintosh platform, backed by vintage gear and tuned rooms.

We are currently using the industry standard Digidesign Pro Tools as a digital recording medium. This is accomplished in acoustically tuned rooms with a vast array of supporting equipment (see Gear). Our staff members have been engineering for decades so we are very familiar with all aspects of capturing a performance.

Through the skilled use of the latest software we manipulate, create, and blend a performance sliced down to the word or note if needed.

Even your musical heroes on your favorite songs usually don't produce what you hear in one take. Not a problem! We'll capture your best performances, then take each verse, phrase, or chord that captures just the right emotion and make it part of your masterpiece. When the performance is just right, we find a niche for every instrument on your recording to shine and complete the picture you set out to paint when you first heard the song in your head.