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We offer very competitive rates including prepaid discounts. Call us, email us, or just use the 'Ask The Staff' form on this page.

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Let our qualified staff assist you with any composition or arranging needs, from orchestration on a recording to composition for film

So you've got lyrical skills, but just don't know what to back it up with? Skilled with your instrument but can't figure out what is missing? Or, is your work visual, and you need music to keep it moving? No matter what, we have some answers.

We have the tools to create breathtaking music within the computer with a vast array of samples and instruments. Some of this software is triggered by a keyboard, or even the human voice. Our skilled staff, know how to move rapidly through the complex software to create your auditory vision. Maybe you want us to go through our Rolodex of World Class musicians and give one of them a call. Friendly, experienced players are ready to work with you on your music. Whatever your needs we have the ability and connections to get your project done.

Having Eastman School of Music right in our back yard is an added bonus for you. There are a long list of talented arrangers and composers available to use the professional equipment at ACME to create your music needs. Let us introduce you to some of the talented folks here in Rochester waiting to assist you.

Maybe you already know exactly what you want or maybe you need help with the production or arranging phase. These services are also available to you here at ACME. With a wide variety of staff and areas of expertise we are confident we can do the job for you.