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Equipment Highlights

Digidesign C|24
Pro Tools 11 HD
Mac Pro 6 Core Xeon E5
Dynaudio Air 25 Monitors
Outboard Preamps and Compression
Over 50 Microphones
Sennheiser and Sony Headphones w/Furman HDS
Hammond Pro XK-3C and Leslie
Modern And Vintage Keyboards
Pearl, Mapex, Slingerland, Gretch, and other Drums w/Zildjian Cymbals

Pre's, Compression, and EQ

Great River MP2NV
Millennia HV3R
SSL Xlogic Alpha Channel
Vintech X73i
API BR512c's
Behringer Tube Ultragain
Altec 8 Channel Custom Mic Pre
Focusrite Pre's
Ashly SC50 Compressors (Original Black/Blue Face)
DBX160A,163X Compressors
DOD R-825 Compressor
FMR RNC Compressor
ART SC-2 Dual Compressor/Gate
Ashly SC-66 Parametric EQ


Amplitube LE
Antares Autotune FX
Audioease Altiverb
Bomb Factory BF-3A, BF76, Cosmonaut Voice, Masterizer
Celemony Melodyne Editor
Digirack Comp/Limiter, EQ, De-Esser, D-Fi, Exp/Gate, D-Verb, Delay, Time Adjuster
Izotope Ozone
Joemeek Meequalizer, Compressor
McDSP Everything
Native Instruments Komplete
Overloud Breverb
SansAmp PSA-1
Tel-Ray Delay
TL Autopan, Everyphase, InTune
Voce Chorus, Spin
WaveLabs Drumagog
Waves SSL Console Bundle, PIE Channel


AEA R84 LRG Ribbon
AKG D112, D3500, C451e (Pair)
AudioTechnica 4050, ATM-25
Audix D6
ElectroHarmonix Ribbon
EV 635’s, 650, 681, ND-408, PL-20, PL-76, PL-80, RE-20, RE-51’s
M-Audio Solaris (Pair)
Neumann U87, KM86
Peavey PVM520i’s
PZM Binaural Head
Royer R121 Ribbon
Sennheiser MD409, MD421
Shure 555’s, SM-7B, 57’s, 58, 78, 94’s, Beta87a, BG4.0, BG5.1, Unidyne/Unisphere’s
DI’s by Countryman, Whirlwind, Boss, and Nau
Many Other Boutique/Vintage Mic’s


Fender Rhodes SeventyThree
Farfisa Jaguar
Hammond ProXK-3C (Dual Manual)
Hohner D6 Clavinet
Hohner Melodica
Leonard Baby Grand Piano
Leslie 145 (Stock)
Leslie 147 (Modified)
Native Instruments Komplete Synthesizers, and Sampled Grand Pianos and Organs
Reason "Ultimate Piano" and "Total Piano" Sampled Pianos
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Yamaha DX-7, FB-01U, S08, TX-7


Danelectro 12 String Electric
Gibson Epiphone PRSE Acoustic
Gibson SG Electric
Oahu 6 String Lap Steel
Tobias 4 String Toby Pro Bass

Guitar Processing

Ampeg 1x12
ART SGX-2000
Ashly SC-33 Stereo Noise Gate
BOSS Blues Driver
Crybaby Wah-Wah Pedal
Digitech 2112 Studio Guitar System
Dean Markley Voice Box
DOD BiFet FX10 Preamp, FX80 Comp/Sus
Fender Twin 2x12
Kustom Tuck & Roll w/2x15 JBL Bottom
Line 6 Cabinet 1x12
MXR Micro Chorus, Noise Gate/Line Driver, Flanger/Doubler


Pearl "Session Custom" Maple kit: 22" Kick, 10”, 12”, 14” Toms
Mapex, Rogers, Gretch 14” Snares
Zildjian Hi-Hat, Crash, and Ride
Sabian Crash
Wuhan China
LP Aspire Conga/Bongo 4pc Set
Various other Hand Percussion (Guiro, Shakers, Bar Chimes, etc)