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"ACME did a superb job of understanding our needs and delivering the results we were looking for. We were very pleased with the high level of professionalism and the amount of work we were able to accomplish."

Ian Sherman, We The People

"Working at ACME, we were met with a friendly, organized, highly knowledgable creative team that worked with us on every part of the process. They collaborated thoroughly with us, listened to our wants and gave us helpful suggestions in return. Not only are we thrilled with our demo, but would gladly return for future recording needs."

Treasure Island - A New Musical

"In a business where the bullshit runs deep, it's a wonder we get anything done! ACME Recording keeps it calm and relaxed. Any hard-hitting Asylum VI tracks will always be recorded at ACME. Thanks, guys, keep up the professionalism"

Justin, "Asylum VI"

"Professional... they know what they're talking about."

Mike Glover, Glove Music

"Creative musicianship, creative engineering, expert arranging."

Jerry Fretto, Fret-To Music

"Took care of all of my needs, from producing, to final production of a marketable CD."

Jerry Fretto, Fret-To Music

"Steve and Reid have been very helpful and kind. I would definately recommend them and will return in the future"

Mary and Antonea Smith

"There are very few businesses in Rochester which can offer such high-quality products hand-in-hand with top-flight service and accommodation. My project went smoothly, Reid was helpful and considerate, and I know I came home with an amazing product because of Reid and the wonderful facility that is ACME Recording. I will be back to perform and I will let others in the industry know of this fine experience"

Peter Michael Pirro